Monday, October 20, 2008

Relevance of Link Exchange

"Judge not ye be not judge".

I was actually thinking of doing link exchanges via blog roll or blog list to all my favorite blogs and readers alike. I visit sites and comment on them. I can relate to many topics and genre. But the thing is, I would like it to be a two way process.

If you would like to do "link exchanges" with me, then post a comment here but I would still filter them with the following criteria:

1.) Original - copy cats? Get lost!
2.) Spontaneous - free flowing.
3.) Inspiring - something thats speaks for sage truths, uplifts the spirit, enlightens the mid.
4.) Creative - touches human fancy wherein you will be left in awe.
5.) Friendly - promotes friendship and harmony.
6.) Entertaining - fun to read or even to just browse.
7.) Most of all, it (your blog) should come from the heart.

These criteria would be very difficult and I know that. But, if I like a blog site, I will actually read them like the old posts and stuff, and so I know if they fit to my criteria. Fair enough?

Anyway happy blogging to everyone and don't forget to shoot me with your links.


wen said...

wow.. and you actually 'followed' my blog.. =) well.. it's not exactly link exchange.. but you're a reader, no less. thanks very much, xgenesis! :) i feel honored. you have a nice blog! very good content. ^^ keep it up!

James A Nichols said...

Yes, I would like to link exchange with you. I do mostly affiliate & internet marketing, as you'll see with my blogs and other pages. I f you like I can include my Hubpages and Squidoo lense links as well.


Jane Jane said...

I don't know if my blog fits your taste but I think it's one of a kind... :)

xgenesis007 said...

Hi james I would be adding this site to my blog roll:

Hi jane, I'll be adding this too:

Please link to my site as well.

gerimox said...

hey . . .nice blog . . .btw i have a personal blog . . .i write on a variety of topics . . .do go through it: