Monday, October 13, 2008

What have I learned so far?

There are so many reasons that we have to be happy about and sometimes we fail to recognize them just because we are blinded by unimportant or unnecessary things and even urgent things. I am very much thankful for every morning that God gives me. It only means that a new day, is a new beginning and another chance to improve. There were doubts if what I have right now is something that is already me, but I realized that all along I am already I am without them. I just knew, when trials struck or certain situations arose - be it harsh, stupid, fine, special etc. If one fails to count the blessings even how simple it is then one is missing a lot. I too have once been fooled by huge aspirations and for that I forget to live what is now. It is not an issue nor a problem at all to dream big, just as long as we continue to live in the present. For whence one can achieve his goal may not be his ultimate goal at all, because what has mattered in those sojourns, were gathered thoughts of affliction and bliss and these are real mentors. And so, we should be thankful to any encounter with fools or intellectuals for they come in different walks and we can learn from them the great values in life. A different perspective is just the same to any perspective because the individual self will always be the turning point; his will. I thought that if I change what or how I see it would be different but it's not. You are just trying to immerse yourself to great lies; greater than that of the ocean's trenches because you are denying the truth to yourself and your soul. Why not recognize these truths and live with it. The good things are worth to treasure and the bad things are worth to be learned. Sometimes we need to fail for us to appreciate what is great and sometimes need to cry to put that smile once again in our faces. I never wished to build bridges and I try to learn how but I realized that building a table is as well important. You can connect and relate to people, be it shallow or has great meaning, but building a table and sharing the food of thoughts has also it's value. I have to learn a lot of things and I am so excited about them. I know I am truthful to myself and to those who mattered to me. I have learned to forgive myself because I know I am not perfect. I know I am a happy person. I just hope everyone can have happy days too and go on to their sojourns.

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