Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun with disaster

Not that much disaster as the end of the world though and this is how it happened.

Supposedly, we were to have our company team building this Oct 4-5 somewhere in Rizal but then, due to unwanted circumstances, it was postponed. My condo mates who turned out to be my office mates as well, decided to have a drinking session at our place. And, since we still had a bottle of Absolut Kurant Vodka and a fourth of Tequilla, we decided to just get two liters of Sprite and some snack-ous. That was a Friday by the way. We decided to invite some of our officemates and four of them came. Robert voluntered to bring in their sound system. So basically, we were going for a sing-a-along - videoke thing as well.

I went with Robert to get the sound system at his condo at G.A. Towers which is along Boni-EDSA. Everything was set up for the event at around 10PM when we arrived at our place in Pasong Tamo, Makati. The place was already tidied by my mates. So after we watched Survivor Philippines which is aired in GMA-7, the sound system was fixed and ready for the ride. We sang, we danced and laughed the whole night until dawn. I was the host which in our tongue is translated as, "Tangero". At around 4 A.M., almost everyone was already drunk or tipsy. The Tequilla was already emptied and the Vodka was almost dried up but, we decided to just call it done since it's already morning. Well everyone went to get their comfortable places and slept.

10 AM was waking time and my mates were cooking some noodles with egg. Well it was delicious as always. My office mates bid goodbyes and we decided to sleep again. We woke up at around 3Pm and ate then slept, again?

At around 6PM of October 5, I was awaken by a certain knock on our door. I was already half awake by the way so I got up, shirtless and opened the door. I saw one of the janitors and told me that a certain Mrs. Flores was calling us to her office. I knocked the door of the girl's room and told them about it. Well the three of us, Olga, Agnes and I decided to go downstairs to Mrs. Flores' office. Olga was bringing a trash when we went down and so, I was left to face Mrs. Flores alone since Agnes went with Olga to throw the trash can. Mrs. Flores did not bother to introduce herself nor asked who I was. She just asked me if I was an occupant at unit 303. I replied yes to her. Then she went on telling me that, last night, she was not able to sleep. We were disturbing the neighborhood and that many of them did not have their good night sleep. She then told me that what we did was uncalled for and that parties should be allowed up until 12 midnight only and not to pass that time. She repeatedly told me that she was not able to sleep. Oh she was actually giving me sermon in English with her Tagalog accent. Then I said to her, "pasensya na po", which can be translated to "sorry" or "please consider for what happened". Before I could finish what I have to say she interrupted me by saying that she was not able to go to her doctor for her check-up and that we were to blame for it. My blood rushed to my head quickly and as I was trying to control myself, but I couldn't, so I told her that we were not aware that we have disturbed someone or anyone because when we got out of our unit, you will not really hear that there were some singing and laughing. I told her that no one knocked on the door that night telling us that we were too much and that we need to shut ourselves. I then ended my stupid reasoning which by way was really stupid, by telling her sorry for what happened and promised her that it won't happen again. She then replied that damage has been done. So I just shut my stupid mouth. At the back of my head, I was actually talking to her. Things in my head were like: Why did you not take your sleeping pills? Why didn't you knock on our door and told us that we were disturbing your sleep? Can you give me the units who were also disturbed as you have told me because you said, many of you were disturbed, so I can send them my apologies? Worse, in my head I was actually telling her that you can be sick because your office smelled like cigarette smoke and the office is not really an office but it's a dungeon, lots of piled trash on another corner and the dust were all over the place or it can be compared to an attic or a junk yard with less junk. Mrs. Flores just went on telling me things and lecturing me. She was getting personal she told us that our trash should be thrown properly and we should tie the trash bags before we throw it. I replied that we do threw our trash properly and told her that we don't do those things like leaving the bags open. I was already screaming at the back of my mind. I just wanted to get out of her prison cell. Olga and Agnes came just before she could finalize everything she wanted to tell me or us. I asked myself why was she so angered like it's unforgivable and she seemed getting personal already. Well after hearing her sermons, I just went out of her place and told her, "pasensya na po". Of course this time I was not sincere already.

Olga, Agnes and I went to our unit and discussed things. Ronan suggested that we go out and we decided to just go and dine out somewhere. We went to High Street somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. Along the way, we talked about what happened. We were very speculative. The case was, Mrs. Flores confronted Olga and Agnes when they paid our water bills. She told Olga and Agnes that we were allegedly not paying the association dues for our condo. Olga and Agnes explained to Mrs. Flores that we were paying all our bills to Mrs. Gemma Gerios. She then threatened the two girls that she will cut our electric line. That happened like 15 days ago. I was told about it by the girls and I told them that I will speak to Mrs. Gemma Gerios our condo lady - lessor. With my conversation with Mrs. Gerios, I told her that Mrs. Flores confronted the girls about us not paying the condo dues. I told her that we were paying to her the whole condo rent and including the dues as agreed by and in our contract, so I just continued that she has to settle it with Mrs. Flores. I did not tell Gemma of the threats and all the negative remarks made by Mrs. Flores. Of course I knew that there was a bickering already going on in between Mrs. Flores and Mrs. Gerios. That's when I knew why Mrs. Flores was getting personal. Anyway, our talk became another bashing of words against Mrs. Flores. We ended it with another huge laugh. We even tried to suggest to have another really really loud party and invite her.


me said...

nyahahahha... GO party people!!! nakakainis tong c mrs. Flores ah!, gusto mo upakan ko gen?

xgenesis007 said...

Bwahahaha ... sure why not? Huwag baka e "persona non grata" kami :P