Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deadliest deadline

My boss gave me new tasks and tons of them. He was telling me about the deadline and it's really deadly. Come on, giving me new tasks with limited time to finish it.

What happened to me after that was I can't move. The thought of being able to finish it on time was dreadful. I cannot even make sense of the world already - asking how was he able to set the schedule. Was he even thinking or was he being rational at coming up that schedule? Or, was he just guessing? The first thing I did was tell my friends that I want to collapse already because of the work load. I even forgot to breathe for a split second after I read the email, and when he talked to me about it.

Well I sort of planned what to do first. The first thing that came up in my mind was super multi task by doing plenty of things at the same time. I identified which ones were easy to do and did it right away. I was still having issues because most of the huge tasks are difficult and because I need to check on the specifications which are mostly business rules. By the way my work is in software engineering and my project is related to an industry-grade travel software or platform. I am assigned in a module where you add insurance for your air travels. Well my PC for one thing is a bit cumbersome - hope he won't be acting as if he has his own body and mind. To go on, I did my first two hours sitting in my workstation, convincing myself that I can really finish it.

When I went out for lunch, my boss was there at the lobby and was asking me about the new tasks. I told him that I have a vacation leave so maybe it would be very hard for me to finish in his schedule. Then he remembered that I have a scheduled leave for two days. What the f**k, he really did not check his schedules. I think this is one of the issues that needs to be addressed - right and sensible schedules.

Anyway I am trying my best to beat the odds and making it to the deadliest deadline but, for the next couple of days, I will be going back to Cebu and I don't want my work to spoil the fun so I am leaving it in time-space continuum stoppage.


Angel Cuala said...

I think this is what I am missing 3 weeks ago. I worked for 10 different companies, and I still remember all of my bosses' faces while they are asking about the status of my assignment.

Haaay! Those were the days that I wish will never happen again.

Thanks to blogging!

BillyWarhol said...

Sounds like U have a Good Plan for operating Under Pressure*

Good Luck!! ;)) Peace*

xgenesis007 said...

Yes angel, it won't happen again too but I am taking it positively.

xgenesis007 said...

Indeed a good plan Billy and I am hoping it works best for me. Hehehehe good luck to them too...

wen said...

cool.. software engineering. i'm an electronics engineer, but i haven't really tried working in my field yet. hehe my sister works as a software engineer, though. she's with accenture. :)

Anonymous said...

hoy.. so english nmn ur site and commenting people. hapit ko nosebleed. hahaha =)) i will english here also so i fit in like bongga. haha =))
nyways, crazy bosses are everywhere. that's a fact. they don't always think by the way. lol