Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunrise by Nora Jones

I woke up early. I mean 7A.M. is not my normal waking up time. I usually get up around 9AM. Just another ritual that I do is listen to music. I have a playlist that I randomly choose among the lists I have and I did not bother to check the specific songs that are in there. It began to play ABBA, then Josh Groban then this song. If I am not mistaken, the first time this song was played was in the year 2004. This song is Sunrise by Ms. Nora Jones. I wonder where she is right now. I have lost track of her to be honest with you but I love her including Alicia Keys - darn where are they! I find "Sunrise" really inspiring.

By the way here is the lyrics of the song:


Sunrise, sunrise
Looks like mornin' in your eyes
But the clocks held 9:15 for hours
Sunrise, sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
'Cause the afternoon's already come and gone

And I said hoo...
To you

Surprise, surprise
Couldn't find it in your eyes
But I'm sure it's written all over my face
Surprise, surprise
Never something I could hide
When I see we made it through another day

And I said hoo...
To you

Now good night
Throw its cover down
On me again
Ooh and if I'm right
It's the only way
To bring me back

To you

And thanks to, here is the clip which I would like to share to you as well:


Cricket Crazy said...

Hey! Nice blog u have here. Kep it going.

xgenesis007 said...

Thank you!
Have a nice day by the way :)

nahj12 said...

Hello, thanks for dropping by... jules is a good friend of mine.. :).. keep visiting :)

JM said...

Thank you for dropin on my blog, this was also a nice blog. I have already added you in my links!

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks JM. I think I did add you in my links as well.

Lili Chou said...

I heart Norah Jones. She's just awesome.

Thanks btw for visiting my little blog. Just send my regards to Ronan. Hehehe.

xgenesis007 said...

Yes she is totally awesome.

Sure lili chou I'll send your regards to him and thanks too for visiting my site.

wen said...

nora jones' song entitled "the nearness of you" reminds me of someone.. hehehe =)

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Ahhhh, the amazing powers of music and lyrics....we just blogged about it ourselves. :-) This is a beautiful song. We can see why you find it so inspiring. Where are Nora Jones and Alicia Keys, anyways?? Hope you're having a wonderful day!!

Many Blessings....Roxanne and Hugo