Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm seeing my family again - Take 2!

In my most recent blog, I have announced I am going home to Cebu. I don't want to announce the date but I think I will be out blogging for three to four days. Since I am so excited about it, I was thinking of what song or drama that will describe this. I was checking out youtube again, as usual as ever. And there, I found Faith Hill's song, "There you'll be". I think the song does not describe of someone leaving and never coming back. I find it more about on treasuring a memory. There you are!

Treasuring memories was the thing being amplified.

I have with me lots of memories - sad and joys. I wish I can only take the happy thoughts or memories but sad things happen. I feel that I need to also be reminded of them for me to be adamant, resilient, and passionate about pursuing what makes me happy.

It's obvious, pretty obvious that I am uber excited. I am assured that more of these memories will be in my bag when I get back to Cebu.


Jane Jane said...

I've never been to Cebu yet, but I know it's a wonderful place (esp, otap).

xgenesis007 said...

Wow you have already an idea about Cebu. Well you should get there :)

I promise you there are beautiful beaches and great diving sites.

You will love the culture and its people.