Saturday, August 9, 2008

3AM Strikes

Yesterday was a little busy for me. I had to really manage my time wisely. The work that I have became so freaking demanding of my time. It's not that I'm complaining about the whole thing being so difficult but in a way getting into my nerves because of the fact that it's so time consuming. With the kind of nonsensical build environment and the waiting and the stupid behavior it has. I wish I knew the hard rudiments of ant to at least remedy it but it's not the case.

Well I was tasked to raise the jcoverage of the whole branch and it's crazy. The idea of making things work blew me up. The idea of me having to read the codes of others and understand everything is crazy. I have to admit though that what really blew my mind up is the fact that they did not have sample data input and output which made it kind of difficult because I needed to reconstruct all of these data files based on their schema. I have managed to make the unit tests of some alien modules but not everything. Even if I will have to make a clone of myself to help me work it out, I'd still not finish it.

The odd thing is they were making tests but were incomplete. If they have identified that unit tests were part of their SDLC then they should have alloted time to have it as part of their actual process. Period!

What I have told myself was just cool off. Just do what you can do and ask some assistance to the people who knew better. I don't know what they were trying to ask of me all I know they gave me the responsibility so I have to make it work.

Well the day ended with some build failures and just comment them out to remedy them momentarily.

Olga, Agnes and I went to KFC to eat for our dinner. We were waiting for our condo lady to get our monthly rental. Well I sent an SMS that we were at Dela Rosa KFC waiting. It rained so hard so we needed to stay there a little bit. Our condo lady replied to me that she will just wait for us at Rufino Plaza and that we need not to rush. When we were done at KFC we headed to Rufino Plaza to meet Ms. Gemma and pay the rent. We then headed to Krispy Kreme but a little surprise as Olga and Agnes told me that they were going to check some condo units at Cityland Ayala so I went by myself to KK. It was actually the fist business meeting that I have with Arjay who was a classmate of mine in CIT. So much for that. I was there at KK and ordered ginger ale and new york cheesecake. Hmmm sounds gluttony! Well I love sweets and I can't help myself ....

I was actually having issues with my wireless connection. My wireless g network device seemed not to pick-up any wireless signal. Well I gave up. I thought the drivers of this broadcom thing was corrupted. Anyway after a few minutes, Olga and Agnes came to KK and told me that the rain soaked them - bubble thought hehehehhe that was it because you left me, toinks. Anyway Arjay came and we had business. He installed a virtual pc in my OS. It took around an hour to have it set. Arjay sort of explained things to me and it made me a little excited. Well KK will be closing so we finished the whole thing we could, and set out to call it a night. The group actually discussed some technical and personal stuff. It was fun and exciting!

We part ways and went home at around 11pm I guess. Because of the fact that my wireless connection didn't work left me a little fidget. So when we came home I went ahead looking for the driver of my wireless g device without even changing my clothes. I went to the ladies room to have a chit-chat. I took my laptop with me in their crib with the driver of course. I reinstalled the drivers and kablam to my surprise it worked. Guess what? It even detected some wireless signals. Hehehehehe evil grin. Actually prior to that we were talking about some of our personal lives, you know sharing what we have, where we came from, and things related to that. It sorted of made you feel connected to the people around you and made you feel somehow different too. It feels different and amazing to understanding their roots. I'm glad to have known them so much deeper and better. Well Mamul welcome to the house. Anyway there was an unsecured network meaning to say it does not have any security toinks, 64bit or 128 bit encryption, wep or wpa ecryption. So we got our connection for free and still have it right at this very moment while I am creating this blog. Hmmmm. We watched Charice over youtube and played it over and over again. We were looking for some of Charice's other videos and it was fun and ala Olga from her radio-listening-quotable-quotes and I quote, "it doesn't change the fact that you are cheating". We got a stolen wireless connection.

My eyes were getting tired and felt sour. Is there such a word for the eye when it's sleepy? Anyway it's already 3AM and so I packed my stuff and left for bed. Zzzzzzzz.

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