Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's another freeday!

The tenacity of fun has always been spelled with the word Friday. You heard me perfectly right. Anyway the Friday I had was great. I took off from the office at around 7:10PM and headed to SM. I was with the impression that MJ was there already but she was still in a PUJ heading to the mall so in other word I came to KFC earlier. Usually we dined out at KFC because of the Caesar salad that I’m now loving and the hotshots meal that I will cut throat with; pretty obscene but hopefully not. I ordered the meals I have mentioned for myself and got a Go-go meal for MJ. Go-go meal is a chicken strip with lettuce, a slice or two of tomatoes, and mustard as a dressing. Well after some few minutes, MJ came to our rendezvous. She was in black tight tank top I guess =)) don’t curse me if I got it wrong anybody; and a pair of skinny jeans. I was particularly wearing a brown Bossini polo shirt and an already three days-old-without-wash, Levi’s jeans. We started to eat at around 8PM with the usual fun chit-chat. The talks were circling more on what has happened to us in around a week, be it bad and mean or happiness and surprise. I met at KFC some of my ASI mates. I saw Andy, Eloise, Dhunve and July. There was a business to talk about with some of these peers and some fun little talks. I asked Eloise of some Nihonggo reviewers and that she made a nod. I am so thankful of that Eloise-san; such a nice friend. I went back to MJ’s table and finished everything we ordered. After that, I went to Union Bank to get some cash. I withdraw a thousand or more but I can’t say how much. We then went to fourth floor where SM cinemas are located. We decided to watch Bourne Ultimatum. Just a spoiler, Jason Bourne aka Matt Damon is in search of his past long before, has come to know how he got into his current life as an operative of the CIA. He will not be killed in this movie so probably another Bourne movie might be on the road show. Anyway my rating for Bourne Ultimatum is an A. It’s a nice movie. Definitely not a trying hard action packed movie. The night was not so young when the movie ended. It was still 10:30PM. MJ has a night-out with her Etel pals and I was invited by her. There was a problem at that time whether she’d come or not. We walked out of the mall and walk through Andok’s and from their decided to go with the night and have fun at Paseo. My back pack was a little cumbersome since it has with it my company laptop. MJ and I decided to go back to my office to leave my bag for safe keeping. We rode 04L bound for Lahug and stopped at the engorge of IT Park. I2 was just a five-minute walk in a slow pace and it’s where our office is specifically at the south-east wing of 8th floor. I saw Juvy an officemate of mine sitting on the side seats at the building’s entrance. MJ and I then proceeded to the eight floor and got inside the office. I took my ID and wallet out of my bag and got some coins from the front pocket. I hurriedly swiped my proximity card to get in and left the bag on a chair in my assigned cube. I quickly went to the pantry though dark since I didn’t bother to turn on the lights and got my self a drink of cool water from our dispenser. I then went out with MJ who I left at the receiving area – Michelle’s area. But before we got out of the building, the reception phone rang and I took the charge to answer it and surprisingly it was Jann our IT guy. Well he was looking for Juvy and at his end he kept on asking who I was. I believe he was in a disco house since the background music was really loud. He then managed to get what I was telling him. After such, we headed out of I2 and got a cab going to Paseo.

We came to Paseo and entered the disco, cigarette smoke, beer and music complex. It was really, really crowded but wasn’t a mob. People of all sorts were there I guess except those who have chosen not to be there. Wahahahahahaha! Anyway, we went to a table in front of an ethnic named bar. There were some of MJ’s friends in there already and they were Janice and Angel. They had a pitcher of Margarita. I took a gulp or two and after that we ordered red horse beer. The music in the complex got nicer which made me dance on my chair. I got a stick of Marlboro light and puff my first one on that night. Charisse and her pseudo guy came in and after some minutes Phil who also worked at Etel also came. The next batch of red horse beer came. I felt a little groggy already. I went to the CR to pee so many times because I am not used to drinking alcoholics. The music began running into my veins after nature’s call so we just heated it up and moved the chairs and dance the groove. We danced and jump and sang aloud so carelessly. I knew I was really drank during those time since I couldn’t even control myself much. I say what I felt like saying. I was also able to prove to myself that I can handle myself well when drunk and caused no trouble at all. There were some people on the other table and Angel invited them to dance with us. It was super fun dancing with people you don’t know. I didn’t even know their names but our group and theirs just moved our hips, tap the shoes and wave our hands – really the likes of a free being. We ordered another set of red horse beer and a pitcher of Margaritas now in orange flavor from the latter which was strawberry. I liked the orange flavor. Oh I had my second stick during that crazy early morning. The place began unpacking, and the fleet of people just dried up. It was already 3 AM. So the group decided to go out and headed off to Pump, another disco house and a wild one. We rode a cab and got in there after a few minutes. We paid a hundred each for the entrance. I then ordered an iced tea then dance again together some of my new friends. It was morning already, so we got out of the place and went to Chowking Fuente. Most of us ordered some hot noodles. After the noodles session, I got a better sense of myself already though I’ve noticed that I became so loud at times when drank. My body was really ripping off tired. I felt falling though a little sober. After some talks the group decided to part ways and headed home. I felt I needed to get my things so MJ and I decided to go back to my office and get my things. MJ decided to just wait for me at the building’s entrance and so I went ahead on my own. I needed to pretend and look fine so the guards won’t reprimand me. I got my things and then we had a few minutes walk going to Sta. Lucia realty to take a public utility jeepney. After the ride we took a tricycle going each of our houses.

I was totally dead when I got home. I mean I can hear my body shaking a little bit of the tiredness I felt from the craze. Well I had fun though doing it and am very open to proposals of getting another Friday for a night out. I then washed my face and changed my clothes then sleep until I can regain the vigor I needed for another night out on a Saturday.

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