Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fleeting Weekend?

It was another Friday. Haven't I mentioned that my friends and I are keeping all Fridays as much fun as we can - filled with talks at any angle you wish to take. Hmmm .... Yeah we met again at BTC.

Yanna and I arrived too early that we spent the first hour checking some sporty outfit at Nike and Addidas shops. This is not for any publicity or great devotion to these brands, it's just part of this piece. Well too bad my cash was not for those seemingly inviting items. We strolled around just trying to check which one was nice even if at the back of our heads we wouldn't be buying anything.

Yanna then told me that her ankle was in pain. I guess her proclaiming the pain from the heels she had plus the strolls we had made it worse and that made me accompany her to a nearby shop. We were there and Yanna hurriedly rummage the slippers and some cheap sandals. She had likened a pair of green slippers which was creatively decorated but turned out to be not a fit for her size five. We kept on checking some other things. Yanna continued to check other designs while the bags across caught my eyes and had my hands checking on the items after a minute of good stare. Well I have to ward off myself then since my cash was intuitively not for that. I only had approximately 900 pesos in my wallet and some coins and bills folded diligently in my brown leather purse. Well my eyes were having a delightful feast yet at the doldrums of my head a conflict has arisen. It is not a revolt though but I have to admit, I myself is sometimes an impulse buyer - I felt motivated to earn if I'm broke I guess, but that has to be decided if I am the person I see on that specific notion. Well my rational being overruled as always the careless me and fleeting me - I felt a little victorious but why should I? Well Yanna called me up to asked if the sandals on the other side were just fine and I gave her my honest opinion. We went back to the first stall where we saw the verdant slippers and since the size five was not available she then decided to get the black pair which turned out just fine after she tried the pair. Woo ! Getting to decide with just simple things gave me a swirl in my head and that dizziness I felt from the stroll totally made me want to just sit down and relax. To top it all, my stomach was growling like a hungry predator struggling to break loose from the dungeon prison and I had felt then my impatience from the situation was just biting my nerves. So Yanna and I decided to go to Yellow Cab to wait in there for our friends who were still coming. We waited there for a while and since I cannot deny myself anymore from starvation, my friend and I stood up, got inside and ordered an 10-inch pizza good for four, hot and spicy chicken wings and really good lemon flavored solar drinks. We waited for the order to be called and served and after three minutes or so we got our order. Our friends were we coming as their text said but then I was just too hungry so I decided to start eating without them. Well my friends showed up after a moment and we ate together. The meal was great but a sumptuous one which can feed three families, I guess. We finished it off with some little conversation and since they came in late so they promised us of a surprise. So we asked what was the surprise and they told us that they're filthy rich. I guess people working at call centers are filthy rich with all the financial perks and commissions they got. Indeed our friends treated us in a spa. That was exciting, it was my third time to go to a spa and it has been too long then - the last time I had it. Yeah we spent almost an hour and a half in that nice center just along pod5. It was really relaxing though we were apprehended when we got in because we were too noisy on deciding which service we had to try. I just wish I was living in there like the place was totally relaxing, the dropping water on the wall covering the lavatories for opposite sexes, the dim light which created a sleepy effect plus the tranquil music that had soothed my nerves, who else would not want to?

I bet we will have another day of that relaxing escapade. Yanna decided to leave early as she had some work to do at the office. But before that, we met Olga whose our college mate and an officemate as well and other ASI peers who were outsourced at NEC.

The night was still young and so we went to pod5 to let out of our golden voices. We kick the room with what we were made of as we unleashed ready for attack every notes we hear and see. There was overkill certainly at every note but the thing is we had fun - shallow it may seem but people like us just could not resist any ephemeral happiness but deep within us, the bond and being there was priceless. I guess we just had created an unofficial fraternity and sorority for ourselves but without any hazing and all those wicked acceptance procedures. Let me correct myself, I think it's better if we call it a club - wait soon I will give it a name.

After an hour at the music room, we headed for a place where they sell pirated DVD movies. It was agreed immediately since everyone does not want to wait for tomorrow and wake up early to accommodate the excursion. Jason drove his cab to downtown Cebu , just before Fuente OsmeƱa , we found ourselves a haven of pirated movies. The place was so open, and very much unconcealable from afar. I just can't help but wonder why is this happening - the activity was outlawed and it was just a ten-minute drive from the nearest police station. Anyway the stalls in there had a plentiful of movie collection from anime to Hollywood films and movie series shown in cable networks from local to foreign. I was not shocked they had "ALIAS" seasons 1-5 though my blood was rushing from all over my body and part of me was not able to express in words how happy I was I managed to asked the lady as to how much the collection was. Imagine, it was only worth 500 pesos I mean it would had cost five days of work at Alliance if they were the original copies. I was able to sniff my friend Jason not to mention who is also a fanatic, wanted to owning the collection, was for sure giving out that bill to answer the craving he had for years just like me I suppose. We asked what was the last price of the collection and the lady said that it's 450 pesos. We transacted in and told her we were buying two if she's going to give it 400 pesos a piece and glad to know we closed the deal. I'm not that proud to owning and outlawed copy of this collection but it's worth a try and even if it may not be of good quality we can still have it returned for a better one - they should mean it or else I'm going to do the necessary actions. Well Tmars had her pick with some animes for her brothers and Jason did not satisfy himself with just the "Alias" collection still had to have a fitness DVD for his shaping up. Me? I just satisfied my self with what I had and excited myself how was it going to be like watching the series all day long - I have Saturday and Sunday to tease myself; too bad the proclaimed one week holiday was cancelled.

I went home at around 1:00 AM so it was already Saturday, 25th of November. Even though I was intensely excited, I did not open the collection - I told myself it was way out late and everyone in the house was asleep. I woke up earlier than I thought, it was around 8AM not the usual wake up time for a Saturday but I did. I opened my pc to check for my yahoo mails and visited friendster to check if what were the latest events - nothing special though that caught my attention. I opened my bag and there the DVD still wrapped on a plastic casing which was not quite bad for a pirated material. I still managed to restrain myself from opening the collection as I had to review for my Nihongo exam at 2:30 PM on that very same day. I finished a lot of verbs and adjectives reading them allowed to myself as I promised to sensei and to myself as well that I had to give an effort for this which was good for me. Though the purpose of attending classes was just to entertain myself and not really learning the language by heart, I found it within me that its not bad to at least give it a good start though its a little late since JLPT is fast approaching. Anyway as I finished a round of reading the notes, the urge to want to try out some clips was getting into me. It felt so great the I shut down my PC unpacked the DVDs, turned on the T.V. and our player and so there you go I started to select which dvd should go first. It was a puzzle at first which movie I needed to play since all of them looked identical. I tried searching for any marker which one is the first season but I failed myself at that time and so I hurriedly texted Jason of which one should go first. I then realised that the Chinese writings were not really Chinese I mean they have some characters similar to Kanji and so I was able to decipher it myself which one is the first DVD up to the fifth DVD I just told myself that I could have saved my text if the writings were conspicuous enough since they were just written in small note below the hole. Well I had my first clip of the first season and I timed it until 2:00 so I will have 30 minutes to go to the office. I finished the first clip with satisfaction but it was already 2:15 or so as I had snoozed the alarm twice and meant that I'm pretty late. I just turned off everything and hurried to the bathroom to give myself the quickest bath I could possibly have.

I rushed to the office and joined the class just as it started. The conference room was already packed though there were still some vacant seats. Before sensei had to start the exam, he had us listened to some conversations in Nihongo and answered the questions, well I passed the exam, sort of a review actually, even though most of the things those two people are talking about were hard to decrypt. You see, Alias has infected me - bet yah it's contagious even though the politically correct word to use was "understand" and I am using "decrypt". Sensei gave us a ten-minute break, after which we started the exam. The same thing, all of which are just plain identical - still I am having a difficulty in the subject. After the test I went home immediately.

I continued to watch 3 more series of Alias. This followed until Sunday morning until evening. Our television could have exploded if it were to have a mind of its own - so good it did not have to happen that way. The series was quite entertaining with the first episode where Syd was recruited by SD-6 to join the band of heroes in saving and maintaining the supremacy of the USA - secret covert operations of the CIA as Sloane indoctrinated their neophytes. Well the first operation Syd took was going to Taipei to retrieve a Rambaldi artifact. The artifact was quite amusing. In the series, Syd was apprehended with an executioner you wish you won't be dealing with. As the guy trying to torture Syd by pulling out her wisdom teeth just to get the answer of who was she working for. I could not imagine myself in that grueling situation as Syd's. Syd was able to escape from the Taiwanese executioner by banging her head with that man when he got closer to her to inject a paralyzing drug on her neck. Sydney managed to break the leash and shot the injection to the executioner's neck to have a doze of it. The back-up goons came in but Syd toppled them all with lots of heavy blows from her kick boxing. Syd brought the artifact to Dauphine where SD-6 was headquartered underground. Dauphine for all you know is a bank which was just a front or cover up for SD-6. As much as I needed to reveal to you all the details - I can't. Season one was about 70 hours and you could be paying me for narrating to you everything. I’m not letting anyone borrow these DVDs; not just yet but I will in due time. I just needed to see all the series myself first, that's all!

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