Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just for you.

The night is getting colder and colder;

Winds whispering in my ears so softly

Humming in my head, speaking to my soul.

When will be the night she would have to come?

My waiting in vain is my true purpose

Why can't the universe agree with it?

I have sent my words to the sky for you

I would like to tell you that I love you.

I have painted the sky into brick red,

Sunflowers into pink, yellow birds orange.

I will see to it that when you come here,

You will never be taken away soon.

Mother moon is glowing with might so full.

It meets the morning glory of the sun.

I will pick all of the gems in the sea.

Gather all of these riches just for you.

The night is getting colder and colder

Still hoping, longing, waiting just for you.

1 comment:

xgenesis007 said...

An old poem I had. After watching the movie entitled, "August Rush" - I had nothing to do on that 2:35AM and I wasn't sleepy either; I was checking on my classic mp3 play list and stumbled upon on this old poem. So there you have it, I just want to share this literary artwork of mine. Enjoy....