Sunday, August 10, 2008

Social Networking

My first thought on this was, why the hell did I set the Category to Religion when in fact it can't be part of this lineage. But why not ?

With the proliferation of social networking, with the likes of friendster , facebook , linkedin , multiply , etc., many of us seems to be addicted with it. I can admit that there's not any day that I can't seem to browse the sites aforementioned. I guess the new age or rather the way we socialize is through these media already. It has evolved in a whole lot of different ways - roller coaster if you may allow. Everyone is or has maintained not just a single membership on these web sites but even more than you can imagine. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of facebook became a multi-millionaire in this business. Yes, it has become a huge business. It has become a religion in some ways. People may deny the fact and it's a fact already that they enjoyed going and surfing in these sites for long hours rather than going to ministries. These sites are becoming a way of living to not just thousands but to millions of earthlings. These sites have given birth to an avenue of relief in a sense that people find it relaxing just by clicking the mouse - have become a way we have expressed ourselves. Unimaginable things are coming more because of these sites. The idea of these sites becoming or maybe has created a religion already is not far-fetched after all.

I say that am one is addicted, ooops did I say earlier that I can admit? Anyway as for me, I never had all the intentions whatsoever for it to be my ruler. A more entertaining thought of it why I am into these sites because it's my way of connecting to my friends who are from Cebu and other parts of the globe. I may sound a little defensive but it's there for that purpose alone. Ciao!

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