Saturday, August 9, 2008

R-18 : Try some cavendish banana

How can someone say things in a diplomatic way?

He is like an empty cup trying to be filled with milk, coffee, lemonade, ale and soda. I guess there are people who are naturally insecure or just plain mean. Sometimes I try to compose myself and let things pass but there are cases wherein its getting inside me. I am not the type to disregard things as they are. I take things seriously in a crazy way. I want things to be fun even if how much it is demanding of my faculties or capacity. Nothing can change me but I am learning and trying to deal with it. The thing is I was not the only who have had to surmount his mirage of anger and frustrations. Anyone who will caught a sight of him will probably see the most conspicuous condition he has. I would say he knows what he is doing but he doesn't if he is doing it right. He sometimes is over the top. Other times he is an oddity to your senses. And things are simple the way they are. The sensitive me has to know more people and deal people of such level of non-congruence.

Happy thoughts make things pass away but I have a memory of the rat sometimes and the smell sticks to my nostrils. I have the ear of the nuctoid moth that sends so much information to my temporal lobe.

If I met him and he again babbles like a howler, my coping mechanism is to think about wonderland, think about God, think about happy things and the finale is eat a cavendish banana.

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