Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ignoramus : PDA 101

It all started two weeks ago. We were watching PDA then. What blew my mind was that there was this certain "Inyaki" who sang Summer Breeze. He said that he did the arrangement of that song. Unfortunately for those who are not aware, his version was of Jason Mraz. It was Mraz-ish! He does not deserve that slot. Of course Joey Reyes who was not that updated was really amazed by what the guy did. It was a blatant stealing announced in national T.V. I don't know if this merits plagiarism.

I was kind of pissed because I am a fan of Jason Mraz. For him(Inyaki) to have uttered those words struck me so much. And that's why he deserves to be evicted from the show.

He is actually one of the nominees for the eviction this coming Saturday and together with him is Laarni. Laarni deserves to be in the show so she should stay. As for Inyaki, aside from the very beginning, owning which is not his and having a not so good vocals, should warrant for his eviction.

I am not a fan of Laarni so I propose that there be a category like Text to Evict. Number one in my list would be the you-know-who. Since there's not any format as what I am thinking, then I would be glad to give my vote for Laarni to stay because she is more deserving.

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