Saturday, August 9, 2008

I should have read The Alchemist....

I had muscle pains almost all over my body after the badminton game. We were so hungry so we decided to have our dinner at KFC-Forum. As usual I got a piece of hot and spicy chicken and the most addicting and refreshing drink, "the strawberry fizz". Well after dinner we dropped by at National Bookstore. Olga and Agnes purchased some interesting books. I also purchased three P.Coehlo's namely, The Alchemist, The Zahir and The Devil and Miss Prym. I have started reading The Alchemist. It felt weird a little because it is his first book ever to make it big in the international literary scene and I haven't read it. I have recalled that there was a frenzy about the book when I was in second year college which was in 2002. I didn't care or bother to read maybe because people were so into it and maybe it was an over the top? I little dismay on my part when I tried to go through the first pages and there you go the first few lines were beautifully crafted. If I really really like the book I make sure that I read it carefully so until now I haven't finished it yet. There are still two books lined up for me and hoping they can be as great as the Alchemist. My personal favorites though will still be Eleven Minutes and The Fifth Mountain but anything about Paulo C. masterpieces are classics in their own magnitude and so they deserve to be part of my collection.

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