Saturday, August 9, 2008

Morsels of Guilt

I've got no cash but aint not broke. I was really bored at home from almost a day' rest from the tiring yesterday. I woke up with all the muscle sores in the back and my lower thigh. My arms were swollen as well. The house was emptied except for our pet which was there staring at me blankly. It seemed to me like he's guarding. It was 2:00 p.m. already and haven't taken my lunch and so stomach acids began to do the unnecessary digestion. I felt my throat was dried up like the
Sahara. My eyes can only see the obvious and my other senses stopped helping me to see beyond. I stood up after rummaging the whole place as much. Washed my face in our bathroom wondering where's the facial soap. I got tired of looking for the soap so i used my brother's. It then began to sooth my sight and the sleepy feeling. A little refreshed yet I still felt drained, so I hurried to the kitchen and took a great gulp to quench my thirst. The casette was still on singing songs from the 70's, I then turned it off as it appears a little melancholic. I opened the television. It also bores me. I was then occupied with lots of thoughts. I took my mobile and texted a dear friend, me wanting to go to their place. At that moment I felt I need to trim my hair. It was getting long and it felt uncozy to be with my hair. It was with me for a long time already. But then I just got a cd from my rack to watch 40 year old virgin as well as packed my self with a pair of seemingly sharp scissors. I dressed up and drove to my friend's house.

She offered me a seat and a robe to cover myself from hair-debris. I was a little excited at that moment - alas a new look, a little confused from the attachment my hair has made. My friend got the scissors and started to have the first unbloody action. It felt a little sad but I can't hear my hair screaming though. I realized my hair arent alive at all, not even with the mouth to protest from my hasty decision. Jane complained that the scissors she used aren't working not even cutting a strand. She has to ask his brother's errand to get a pair. Her brother got one and then tried a sample. It was a success. I wish there was a mirror to show me the action. Jane simply took her time cutting my hair. She did comment that my hair looks wavy and all that. She asked me lots of questions about them and so far answered all. As she continued cutting, it struck me with little flashes. Then my hair began to let me recall that I have had it for more than a year. It has sheltered Mr. Skull from the rain and scorching heat. They even spoke to me of how it felt to be going away. My last thought was to have bravado from uttering my thoughts to my hair that I need to move on and I have to let go. I was then surprised that Atepuya was already finished in her to trim my hair. I slowly touched it and was surprised that I was having a difficulty of keeping it tied up. I then asked her to see myself in a mirror. It was real, they are now cut. I struggled a little to tie the "my hair" but they give in. I felt warm and anew. I guess it turned out just wonderful. I hope my hair won't pay visits during the night as morsels of guilt still stocked. I haven't watched the movie since their T.V. was out of order- humpf!

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