Sunday, August 10, 2008

A taste of Patience

Just as I was going to sign off, I realized something that patience is really a virtue. I thought that I was going to be satisfied with what I have. I thought that things would be better, but it seems that they are not. These ridiculous thoughts to some are valid for myself.

I am actually waiting for my contract to finish and after that my options are open once again. It is because of the contract that I felt a little choked. But I can still do the proper breathing though (not in a choir hehehehe.). It's going to be like four months left and I am free again. The waiting is eating me but I still am enjoying a bit. I try to fill my days with lots of fun and busy stuff to make me not notice the waiting. I read and read a lot to fill something valuable from the unproductive hours I've got. I like to program but not encoding. Sometimes rules are also annoying and too restrictive ones made me crazy how much more if placed in the wild? What I'm trying to say is that, I would love to have an organized work. I myself is already a complicated individual and the work shouldn't take a scene, if at all unavoidable at least with minimal part as in minute - quark level.

Well glad to know that I have learned another lesson. Hoping for a better tomorrow and happy life and that's patience for me.

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