Saturday, August 9, 2008

Live life.

Insecurity leads to bitterness. It's like a done-deal because once you become insecure, you become bitter in the process. You will take every competition as a matter of life and death. You will become conceited and believe that it's you and the world only. You will slowly hurt the people around you and those you love. You dwell on intimidating purposely and make others feel inferior. For this, you won't grow as a person. You will begin to close yourself from other forms of beauty as you feel and believe in yourself that you are beauty in itself. You will not take any criticism. You will be offended as you believe that you are always right.

How to cope with it is simple yet needs commitment. Here's how.

Learn to be free and open. Create happiness within you. Let go of your ego. Go out with friends. Go nature tripping - travel if you can afford it. Listen to music. Attend yoga or other forms of meditation. Learn to love books and read them. Play charades or hide and seek with your children or younger siblings. Eat out with family and friends. Learn to cook and prepare food for your loved ones. Share your blessings. Learn to forgive. Thank the Great Divine. Explore and enjoy the very simple things in life. Live life!

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