Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Mummy Movie

This has been long overdue already. I was planning to actually watch at Glorieta, "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". Well I did watch the movie yesterday, August 16. The things that made it harder to watch were, my friends don't have any liking of the movie and yesterday, was the gala night of PDA. Anyway I went to Glorieta to watch the movie - I decided to watch it because it felt like something is missing. I was actually planning to just buy a pirated DVD but it would still be different when you watch it on a cinema.

The movie was entertaining.

Jet Li portrayed the role of the ruthless emperor Han Li. Based on my recollection, it was the time when Shih Huang Ti ruled China. Some of their information aren't accurate at all. Anyway, since Emperor Han Li wanted to rule forever, which was the only thing missing; immortality, he ordered his most trusted general to look for a witch and have him realize his wicked plans. The witch portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, told the emperor that she can't do it but she knows how and where to get the elixir of youth. Accompanied by the general, the witch went to an ancient library in search for the ancient script that held about the elixir. Well the general fell in love with the witch. Prior to that, before the general's journey, the emperor had an eye for the witch and told him that no one is to have her except him, emperor Han Li. The sorceress knew that the emperor was evil and so she double crossed the emperor by cursing him to an eternal suspension in a form of a clay. The emperor did not know this since only the witch knew what the ritual meant. Emperor and his men were cursed and was buried in the desert. Taken to the post world war 1, Rick O'connell's son went on a commissioned archaeological project and so found the tomb of the dragon emperor. The O'connell's went to China to deliver the key to the elixir as a gift to the people of China but everything were a plan all along by Alex' professor. And so in the museum, they have awaken the emperor but needs to bathe himself in Shangrila to gain immortality. That's where the adventure began of the O'connell's. They went to the Himalaya's to ward off the emperor. They fought with the emperor's men together with the Yetis. Oh I loved the Yeti's, they were so cute and huggable - I guess. Anyhow the emperor succeeded in going immortal and raising his terracotta warriors. The sorceress has risen the emperor's enemies as well by sacrificing her daughter's and her immortality. There was a grand battle but the emperor was more than strong for their own force. The sorceress took the fight with the emperor single-handedly but succumb to her defeat but got the dagger which can defeat the emperor. She was severely wounded and fled. The emperor went inside the temple to complete the ritual of immortality as well to his army. The O'connell(s) had the witch with less life already and was entrusted to kill the emperor with that dagger pierced in his heart. They went inside the temple and there fought with the emperor. A trick on the side of Alex, made a miscalculation on the side of the emperor and had his life's end with that broken dagger. And that was the end of the adventure.

I was not really super amazed with the movie but there were funny scenes and cute ones. I specially loved the Yetis. The tora-tora plane taking a landing in the snowy caps of the Himalayas was a funny scene as well. The effects were quite fantastic. To rate it all, the movie was average.


me said...

Beware!!! This is a SPOILER!!! hehehehe... i havent watched this movie gen. I like the idea of having Jet Li in the movie with all its chinese effects and churva... but I dont like Brendan Fraiser at all...

xgenesis007 said...

Hoist! You have to watch it. Actually it's not that fantastic but you will surely enjoy the movie.