Saturday, August 9, 2008

Absolutely Vodka

I actually don't know what to write. It's already 10:30PM in my laptop but in reality it's already 3AM. What we did was we had a drinking session. We had like two absolut vodkas, three 1.5 liters of sprite and a bunch of snack-ous. Hmmmm. We were a little drunk and another one puked. They complained that they were. Just for the heck of it waahhahahaha we need to finish this whole thing drink until we drool, eyes jumped out of our sockets and then crawl to the ground. Wicked!
Another admitted that he is still sane even if he was most of the time talking to himself. I guess when we're drunk, we say what we want to say and give in to our inner selves. Someone complained that she was just eating and eating and then eat again. Is this freedom or just mere stupidity ? Wahahhhaha ! I don't have any idea at all but all I know is that we were having fun!

That was the fourth time we had a drinking session in our condo and we invited an officemate aka a friend at the same time to the place. Waahhahaha ! I am a little drunk when writing this one. It felt weird actually. I'm rambling here, am I?

Rihanna's beat is infectious. I'm feeling jumpy while - a little jumpy, blogging.

My mates were in the mat already getting a good nap. They were what? Letting dizziness slipped away. Absolutely not fair. They were sleeping over the unfinished vodka, "the absolut vodka".

Hehehehe. Someone's calling me to stop blogging to get to the real deal!

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