Saturday, August 9, 2008


I felt so relieved from a long battle last week. Aside from the body pains, I was having colds and headache which made me feverish for two days. Well that was a lesson from too much physical activity. But who else would disagree that sometimes a child in us will always have its pie. Even if I had to succumb to my suffering, it was worth the play and fun. You may never get it but it amused me so much that the fond made me thought of some things worth exploring. As such Im considering for myself to joining an activity group - havent thought which one though but it has to be a physical sport. Badminton isn't bad, but I think a lot of people are doing it which makes it less appealing to me. Mountain biking is worth a try! A friend of mine suggested that we go to Busay somewhere south of cebu maybe and bring our bike in a friend's car's trunk then do the biking in the mountains. It can spell excitement and fun but Im worried of the danger. Anyhow Im just a little scared and I need to get rid of this. Yeah, biking would be fun - Im thinking of it right now, the gears and all related stuffs that I need to have. Wish I can do it this weekend and let's see if Im not busy anymore with projects that will eat so much of my time. Umf!

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