Saturday, August 9, 2008

The not so serious Friday!

Never in my intuition or worse in dreams and thoughts to be a pawn. I actually quit from my first job to a lot of reasons and one of which is it was just too routine for me to carry out my responsibilities plus i hated the nature of it. I searched and found a new trade. I guess I call it trade for the reason that its not giving me any financial freedom. Well I sweat and did things just to make myself a little happy, I guess, but not as little as an ant. But no matter how things are strategically planned out, always there's a glitch.

My college buddies and I decided to meet at BTC. We went to yellow cab but we were not able to dine because of the crowd. So we decided to dine out at Dimsum. As usual i loved their steamed rice. The chit chat at Dimsum was great. We talked alot of things. From my friend's mountaineering adventure to everyone else's office whereabouts. I think we spent 2-3 hours at Dimsum to the point that the manager of the store had to approach us and kick our butts out. Too glad it doesn't have to happen because we packed as soon as we knew the place has to close. We were left clueless then as to what to do next. We tried to see pod5 but a dear friend aired out that she's having her vocals unfit and I too agree that I cant perform. So we decided to go get our coffee at Bos instead. Hmmm ... the one thing I craved. I haven't had a decent coffee break for a long time - it feels like eon. It was just disappointing because outside of Bos there were a lot of smokers and at the inside was so silent. You don't dare to make any decibels of chuckles and exchanges of fun to serious talks. So we just decided to choose the smoker's place as I thought and comfort myself that coffee has anti-oxidants. Oh ... one thing I didn't like the store, why? There was only once cash register yet there were 3-4 crews trying to attend to your concern as if I needed interpreters or worse I was not that easy to deal with. Anyway we did have our coffee break. We started to talk about small fun things leading to serious matters in life. I believe everybody knows about it; subjects like career, family and people's business.

Well we can see a lot of politics around us including office politics. Maneuvering and intimidation - we cant really scrutinize who are for real and things which are not framed to be our pitfall. Basically we made choices but the sad thing is we cant just control the spin. I hate politics - that's it. The towering delimma is, will I dare react the soonest? Will I stay placid above all? Will I lose my temper and spread rage to everyone? Will I play dumb? Will I kill? Will I quit? Hmm.. just numerous thoughts coming in but it was fun entertaining them.

We did also discuss things about the fashion of the 50's since that's going to be the theme of our Christmas party. As much as Id love to agree with the proposition, the idea of looking like one was just humungous - everyone might look like frowsy creatures. It think it would have been better if we will be having a "White Party". Anyway a thought of not dressing-up for the event can be a choice ....

The week we had wasnt really dry. In fact, it was unpredictable to the true sense of the word with accents of fun and drama and so we planned of creating the Friday event.

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