Saturday, August 9, 2008


Blaming the heads knowing within that tails can have heads of their own. Punching out words of wisdom - spreading and feeding with all your mouth the knowledge you felt will aid everyone you knew. Trying to rally against poverty - fighting for the rights of the impoverished with arguments well beyond the means you can afford while the poor has known then that what they have is only hope. You fought against corruption by divulging all the necessary and even delving the unnecessary information to bring whatever flavor of justice in a hasty manner hammered to those culpable. You fought for mother earth and felt it is necessary for your survival and everyone else’s not just yours. You shouted out and waved protection of freedom from all hazards and anything which poses danger to the very existence of all. How can we be so in chaos?

Jumping through the hills barefoot and shouting thy name. Hailing the waters of the river you bathe and quenched dried throats of men. Inching and dipping and mesmerizing the rainfall that is filling every packets of loam. Freedom from hatred and indifference from bigotry and blasphemy - the sole truth has managed to emerge from every dawn of thee. There is much to feel the blessings of earth and so much to know about around and about us were we spent so much for the love of learning. How can we be so lost?

Tribulations met are just like easy gems for you boasting and waving your flag that you came to a finish. You achieved so much and got praises from your craft. You gave speeches. Lectured the brilliant minds of the land and spitted out all your knowledge to entertain others and yourself. You spread your course to all the arts and letters and join societies and affiliations which will give you a seat and or throne. You became a voice to maybe thousands and even millions abound and telling stories that has made purpose and meaning to every listening confused ears and the ears of others who need justifications. You were able to put up institutions of vast specialization. How can we be so arrogant?

The faces of individuals lined up. You bought yourself a brand new cellular phone. You went to discos and from there drank some glass of liquor and raised thy hands to the roof and danced like a freed being. You went to malls and dined at anywhere you liked and filled your stomach with stock, purchased the most expensive shoes, got the nicest vitton, dressed designer's clothes and swiped all your cash. You went to movies two to three times a week and judged the characters based on their acting, outside package, the way they talked and walked and the way you felt necessary, may it be exaggerated or just a biased ruling which you felt just right. You went out of towns and be more than just lavish - feeding all the wants of your senses. You spent so much time having fun be it complex or naive. How can we be so wasteful?

You were so thankful of the sun greeting your every walk in the morning to till the land. You are so thankful of the stars with their lights in the night which will surely fascinate the eyes of thine. The tears in heaven that allows all species of living organisms from the towering canopy to the minutest creeping verdant lush drink from and all the creatures of the land that vanquished the hoarse dried-up skin. The music of the wind chasing here and beyond, that is so swift yet cool in its nature. The humming of birds that’s so delightful as accompanied by the swaying trees dancing like ballerinas praised by the clapping grasses in the vast meadow like surprised audience left in awe. How can we be so slipshod?

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