Saturday, August 9, 2008


I have sailed on boats a hundred times,
But haven't got into a ship.
I wonder where will the ship lead me.
Will it be to the farthest side of the earth or a journey to nowhere?
How is it going to be driven then?
Will I remain as a passenger or will I become the captain?

I want to swim with the whales and dolphins.
But I'm scared of the abyss and the looming darkness....
Are these creatures going to make me their own?
Or will these creatures be there just for the fun?
Might be my guardians or worse, the villains.

I love to have an excursion to the moon.
Mars and Jupiter might be interesting, too.
Should I see humans like me in there?
Will I meet some kind of life beyond my knowing?
But I dont know what to do if such exists though.

I want to play a piano.
A violin's music is simply beautiful and ecstatic!
I want to be a part of an orchestra.
I don't know really if I'm the soloist or the maestro.
But the thought is very entertaining - a virtouso on my own.

I want to meet Albert Einstein.
Should that mean I need to travel back time?
Or should that mean I have to be dead to meet him in Purgatory.
No! I need and love to be alive.
But if these happens, what will we talk about?

I love to volunteer in a world charity.
Countries in war and in hunger are the many areas.
But I need to think if I will survive longer than these inflicted.
But it feels gratifying to help though.
I wish I am a billionaire instead and donate enough fortune.

I like to do a lot of things,
But I don't know which one is for greatness.
I don't know either if it's going to be a means to an end.
All I know is I love to do a lot of things.
I need more time ....

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