Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Grandeur of Beijing Olympics

"Citius, Altius, Fortius", too bad I wasn't there!

Yeah yesterday was the Beijing Olympics' opening. My condo mates' and my two eyeballs were glued on the television watching the grandeur of the opening. First off, there was a parade of athletes from countries all over the world following the Chinese Alphabet. It was kind of weird how it was but nevertheless the Bird's Nest Stadium welcomed everyone with enthusiasm. The stadium was a mega structure just by watching on T.V. and how much more if I were live to see it. I was very excited waiting for the team Philippines but na-ah I wasn't able to catch them because we need to switch channels for the PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy) program. When it was time to go back to the Olympics coverage, they were sort of wrapping it up already and team China was called, having Yao Ming as the flag bearer. The crowd cheered the whole parade. After the parade it was time for, Olympic flag ceremony then followed by the torch lighting to mark the opening. And yes, the torch lighting was awesome, super fantastic, amazing and name it great too. It was a show of the Chinese action scene, where that certain athlete flying on the walls of the stadium and sort of doing a marathon with the torch. It was really breath taking as if I was there. I had some goosebumps. After the lighting of the torch, it was the scene of the fireworks. The display was totally awesome. After all, the world owes to China the pyro-techniques technology.I can't wait to watch the telecasts of the games like the seemingly rigorous synchronized swimming, there's diving, bone or body breaking gymnastics, blow by blow for boxing, track and fields is interesting so I have it on the watch list too, and volleyball for women.

The $20-billion budget of the Beijing Olympics has summed it up in that historical opening. The next Olympics will be in UK. I think I should save more and work more for me to this time be part of the Olympics history, raw and live.

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