Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hesitation or Delimma

I actually have an existing blog at and so I am a little bit hesitant of which comes first and maybe in dilemma since it will be eating up my time to which sites to maintain. I was thinking of migrating all of my blogs from friendster but, friendster has done so much for me already of allowing to post my thoughts about anything. I just owe friendster for that. I don't know if my blogs are even read and I wish people read them and comment on them, and so I thought of why not putting it on blogspot for which I know google is backing it up, thinking though with no real clues at all that google will help me do this simple aim. Right now, I'm still a little shaky for which is which. I just wish that blogspot can do rss and I haven't discovered it. In facebook I can reference my blogs through notes so everytime I publish anything from friendster, it is as well posted in facebook. In a few days let's see. Maybe then, I am taking the harder step of maintaining two blog sites. Ciao!

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