Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Predicament of Mr. Tongueslip

The face of the headless hunter was growing furious and blood thirsty. Lines in his acrid monstrous persona have been reflected even if the milieu was a bit dark; a looming place of vanished souls. The peeping Parrotflee keeps on repeating what Mr. Tongueslip has triggered while Madam Ironknee keeps misleading the hard facts. The headless hunter's eyes grew larger with angst; most etched from the forehead down to the cheeks then to his chin. A little aback from where he stood, he tried to free his deathly blow by showing his fangs. Mr. Tongueslip was feeling a little scared but gathered some strength for what he believed and dared continue his reasons believing to create change instead of animosity. The account which was felt more of an ordeal sparked some thirst of reasons.

The moment Mr. Tongueslip's harangue about his freedom finished, the headless hunter changed his aura from the very baleful to a calmer one. There was a deafening silence in between. White and dark clouds in the sky remained stationary though. Even the beaver's blinking eyes and rodent's tail were put unto a halt. That was a vacuuming silence indeed. The only movement noticeable was the chill of the west wind.

Mr. Tongueslip's thoughts were all running a chase from every corner. He was waiting if the headless hunter will stab him to death or set him free. Mr. Tongueslip never realized what he did up until the silence grew intense - not a moment to debate anything. At last, the headless hunter broke it. He then let Mr. Tongueslip go but with disappointment for he was no way of defying Mr. Tongueslip's rhetoric.

Mr. Tongueslip quickly unleashed himself and jumped out of the cliff in course of getting far away. He rejoined his friend's after that sprint. They went ahead. He asked Ladyheiths if what has happened in her way to the valley of lost souls. She told Mr. Tongueslip that she was attacked too by the headless hunter.

After some hours of talking we went to some cozy place to relax. Together with other friends we ate and had some talks about the day's happenings.

On the next day, Mr. Tongueslip prepared himself for labor. He took a good meal after his bath then headed off.

The work went all fine. Nothing hard or special about it though up until the headless hunter was again searching for Mr. Tongueslip and now also with Ladyheiths. The news sparked some commotion. Mr. Tongueslip and Ladyheiths were in a brink of despair as the headless hunter cast some poison in their souls. The now tamed faces of the two have changed into grave anguish. Unperturbed day has turned into a skirmish.

The others came for support and everybody were thinking as to why the band of deathly hollows decided that feat. The band of deathly hollows was then the subject of dismay, arrogance, injustice and total ignoramus. Their cursive hands and lips were so naked that it even out shone the sun. Mr. Parrotflee just took off and slept; the usual doing of a falsehood masterpiece while Madam Iroknee licked her elbows. The rocks were changed into acrimony. The indifference was felt. The retaliation from the band of deathly hollows was unexpected. It was understood as something from sheer mediocrity. The band of deathly hollows'charade was totally a tweaked and wicked effort to show superiority; it was with the likes of a chauvinist pig indeed!

Mr. Tongueslip met with the headless hunter and now became Mr. Tonguesclip. During that time all he could devised was asking the headless hunter to spare his and Ladyheiths's rebirth in the Newland. Fortunately, the headless hunter concurred.

The day's ended. The journey to Newland has a new course....

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