Saturday, August 9, 2008

New and Old Things I Love

I really miss Cebu - nice people but not all at least most of them, great friends, my family and my two pet dogs; so much that I like to always imagine things during the cold nights that I have to be still with them. Technology may somehow ease the distance or communication but still the longing and the bonding isn't complete.
Anyway I flew to Makati, Philippines to work at Rendition Digital. I accepted the job for some personal-non-disclosed reasons and some career related stuff. Though I'm loving Makati for what it is, there are still some emptiness I felt. Thanks to my two housemates, Ronan and Olga, they make things lighter.
The past days that I have in Makati were really adventures. We toured Makati Ave. and Ayala Ave. on foot from our condominium here in Pasong Tamo, we were trapped at SM Makati during Trillanes' seige, walking along Paseo de Roxas to go to Citibank even if it was drizzling and many more to come I guess.
Since Christmas is fast approaching, I will be having a four-day vacation in Cebu. Thanks to RenditionDigital for they will shoulder my roundtrip tickets :). So you guys just wait because we can again morning-the-night. I'm so excited of the exchange gifts but haven't got any clues as to where this is going to be held. So make the plans ready the soonest time possible MJ.
And Oh, I'm thinking to buying a laptop and having an internet connection with it so I can work at home and play some strategic games. I find it boring just watching cable T.V. and reading. It's not that I dont like them, I just felt that I needed to do a lot of things; I definitely love to watch T.V. and reading my favorite novels. I'm actually planning to buy new novels from Russian classic novelists as well as some masterpieces of Gabriel Maquez. I also want to complete my collection of C.S. Lewis novels. So if you want to give me some Christmas present, why not buy these books for me.
Facebook is still the best thing online. I like to just play simple games or web applications it houses. Try it and you will definitely be hooked too.
I want to eat home cooked meals. I miss the food my dad cooked for us. Hehehehe. We've been eating canned foodies mostly tuna and corned beef.
I miss badminton. I wanna buy a new racket and play again. Love to sweat and get rid of some programmer's belly that I have. Bwahahaha. The good thing RenditionDigital sponsors for the court at a badminton sports facility somewhere in Pasong Tamo.
Next year, I love to go somewhere else for a vacation. Hot in my list would be Laguna, Batanes and Hong Kong. I just need to save more to realise these plans.
Plans, plans, plans ... grrrrrrrrr... I have to make them work! Ciao :P

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