Saturday, August 9, 2008


Picking up thyself from the harsh weather that has disrobed you until the joys of the morning were becoming pinpricks all over your soul and until the night's breeze gave you shivers of discomfort.

Wiping out the tears that has never come out from your eyes' pitiful ferret of the surrounding ghosts of your past and yet to come.

The waking of a nightmare's haunt from the chauvinistic fate that has led so much of your strength to a fatal emptiness.

The grasp that you can take to a single hope seemed fainting from the unforeseen pull of tides repelling the connection more and more by which a thousand hurdles can not and will never give a chance of redemption.

The sole of your feet being cold and stripped of vigor still willing to go on of the fight that you thought and believe can still be won in spite of the very fact that the battle was over and well beyond your knowing that has been denied by your failing senses....

Your comrades were just there staring and watching you like shadows of mockery confusing and toppling your sanity until you beg for mercy which in truth will not come.

The hillside Riviera are in ruins and its dilapidated remnants were all your aching hands and your tired aching stoop could hear and see; least your olfactory can taste the bitterness your eyes can show.

The verdant grassland has turned into yellowish rubbish accompanying the misery you felt within your being. I hate to say that you were becoming nothing of the world you have had giving your strength and talent - offerings of your youth has been of no value in the sight of your fate.

Bravado has been the last retort and the might you were still holding were ceasing for extinction. Your walks and strides has now become a creep.

You were transformed into a low level being just like bugs. You now taste the earth which appeared awful as you have recalled the indulgence you have had when you were careless and free.

The judgment of your last breath was fast approaching. Your crawls on the earth have become slower.

Nails on your feet and fingers were cracking and were deforming that has added the pain every time you tried to move an inch.

The rotten wounds and bruises all over your body stank.

The willows behind you were marching away from the awfulness you have become while the wind's blow has swept to the other side without touching you for it has become fearful of the seemingly dreg you were.

You then began to ask what is going on after knowing that the end is coming.

The deafening silence was becoming so intense and it pained you more because you will never hear the answers as there was nobody but you has taken the path.

The rolling thunders appearing the horizon were coming then and the silence was broken. The rain fell hard. You can feel your body drinking from it - from the thirst of that long journey.

You fed.

The body has been too wrecked that you were not able to satisfy yourself with the waters from heaven instead, it has given you soreness in your limbs and cold frost in your stomach.

You could have wished to just end all of these but you strive to go on knowing that you were better than these.

You tried to hold yourself but your fading acumen could not sustain the needed strength that has long been gone.

All sort of tribulations were then taking your life but you haven’t surrendered though fading you have vowed to draw the last drop of your blood, you have vowed to go on and on until the last air you can breathe still exists and you went on until the earth covered your body so that in oblivion, you would be taken.


Angie Atkinson said...

WOW! This is incredibly powerful and intense. Nice job!

xgenesis007 said...

I think we let loose of our creative thoughts at times like these.

Thanks for taking the time to read Angie.