Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks for calling blah blah blah...

Most of my friends are working in a call center and in fact, my first job was with a call center too. Please forgive me if I may sound blunt or offensive. Peace....

To tell you the truth, it was no fun solving other peoples issues and understanding people of different backgrounds. A more difficult one, is when the person on the other line is not willing to cooperate. Honest to goodness, most of the time it was dreadful.

I was able to survive the grueling work for about a year and seven months. The ill effects of it were tremendous. I had irregular sleeps, most of the time I was irritable, dandruff started to mushroom in my scalp and gaining more territory than the MILF each day, my pimples were getting severe and I was always tired. Most of my breaks were spent on talking what happened just moments ago on the phone or how I got away from the irate customers. I've seen some that they were gaining weight not to mention that their skin seemed dried up.

Since money was there and it pays higher if you do great in your metrics or if you know someone in the higher echelons - office politics is rampant and promotion can sometimes be a little dubious; people tend to go to spas or flock in coffee shops. Meals from fast food chains were a box office too. Those who have developed the nocturnal rituals can be seen usually at late night bars or disco houses.

But why in the name of Mother Teresa is everyone wanting to continue their lives in call centers? Well reasons are reasons and they were there to justify and convince every single cell in our bodies. Some were dignified reasons and others were merely copied reasons, and just to have their own reason, one will pick any known reasoning to be his or her own. But some reasons were really truths in their own essence. Being martyr is a virtue but being a slave is another thing.

Anyway, after long months of reflection and and self evaluation, I ended up deciding for myself what I wanted to do. I decided which will make me better as a person and gladly took challenges which others did not. In short I resigned with a huge smile. Some of my friends actually are now taking courses to better their skills. Others created a career in call centers and did their best, and others decided that it's time to really start new tracks. I guess it's better to follow your dreams than to wear a hat that was never yours.

I think in general whether be in call centers or any company for that matter, if you feel you are still enjoying what you do and that you are not stagnating yourselves, then don't quit. But, if the whole charade is getting into your nerves already, it affects your way of thinking or behaving and you are becoming less as a person, then quit. Your work will not give you a bonus for being the most martyr or the most loyal in the company. Going to a dentist to pull out that bad tooth is more practical than that of medicating with pain killers.

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