Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am a child of my mother's pure love

Like a flower that blooms in mid-day spring

So dear, a perfect present from above,

Face full of peace - a smile it truly brings.

Hope to see a nice and beautiful world

Full of promises and enchanting bliss,

I will seek goodness, with love I will hold

Honor my mother, I will never miss.

I am excited of tomorrow's trip

When my arms and feet are strong and great,

My journey will be long with that ship

I will carry bags of freedom - no hate.

My youth will be filled with joys, less sorrows

But I'm stronger and so I won't falter.

I will obey what my heart bellows

My mother has taught me that I am sure.

Yes, I am a child and will remain be

Growing old with grace one step at a time,

Though I can't wait to see the world with glee

I shall sleep very well and dream my rhyme.


xgenesis007 said...

Thanks Gamay! I was inspired by your avatar :)

Anonymous said...

thank you pd gen, for the nice poem para sa akong apo hehehe

--- gamai ---

Signe said...

Beautiful poem :)

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks signe :)