Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missing Thoughts

Let the rain pour all throughout the land
Wash away thy despair and rancor
Cleanse thy soul and set it free
Lift it up and let it soar to the heavens.

The space of nothingness has been gone
Yet forever in memories still it clings
Heavens cry pour down fast
Wipe it with all your might and give it serenity.

A bold soul is nothing without you
Come again and again.
Oh I endear the longing
I can not in anyway be back from once before.

Lift me, lift me.
I miss the rain of eternal bliss.
Come again and make me real
The want is not a want as it becomes more of a need.

I will always wait
Waiting in vain is never going to happen
I see your hands lifting me as I thought
Just my imagination maybe, but not.

Oh rain when do you come
My knees will be failing me soon
My tired aching stoops will devour me soon
But my spirit will have to go on.

I will wait... yes I will wait
The waiting of you will be the best thing
I will until eternity
Oh rain, I call you and hear me now.

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