Sunday, August 10, 2008

Slightly Technical

It's already 1:20 AM and still having a hard time to sleep. I was diagnosed to have LVH during the APE or Annual Physical Examination and because of that I have to change my lifestyle, my diet and do away with stressful stuff.

Well I am about to sleep like I really really want to sleep already. I can still hear my condo mates still chit-chatting from the next room and I am still here trying to record my thoughts.

Well a busy week I had. Not that busy, it's just that lots of interesting things happened. It was the grand debut of a search engine cuil , read as cool . I tried it out and I find it amusing as the way they presented their displays were quite crafted. I didn't really care if it's going to be a big hit but I think it is putting up a good competition with Google which right now is the leader in the online search technology. I found cuil interesting basically with all the sleaky layout with the search display and the search results were actually what I expected. It worked according to what I wanted it to do. Another thing eventful was that the Shares project where I specifically worked on the synchronization of PNR(Passenger Name Record) from the remote host and the database of our legacy system is already turned over. It wasn't done like the way it was planned but they have it cut. I don't know why they did it but one thing is for sure, the team were coding like blind mice. We did not have the complete specifications and everything were just based on some not so perfect assumptions. Well a new team was formed and it comprised of Ronan, Olga and I. Olga was appointed as our team lead (I'm glad of this) and we are now working on Sabre Profiling (CRUD of Customer's Profile) - another airline customer. Lastly, the Saturday that we had was exhausting yet fun. We went to the Asian Institute of Management to attend an "event". After that, we went to Glorieta and shop until we dropped.

My eyes are tired right now. I'd love to sleep already. ZzzzzZzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzz....

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